Data Backup & Unlocking

Back it up!

Smart phones now store much more than just contacts. In this day and age they are packed with important information, from photographs, to music, to messages.

Rather than taking a risk and relying on the single device to hold all your important information, let Glenelg Mobiles back it up. They record your information in a secure and confidential manner in any format you require.

Glenelg Mobiles, 85b Jetty Road, Glenelg.

Unlock It!
If you have purchased a handset that is locked to a service provider, we can unlock it for you. From iPhones to Samsungs, and everything in between, we can ensure your mobile phone works on all networks. Our unlocking service is available to retailers, importers and the end-users.
At Glenelg Mobiles, We’ll Fix It!
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